The Orchid Societies Council of Victoria's Virtual Show 2021

The OSCOV Melbourne Orchid Spectacular was not able to be held in 2021 because of the Victorian Government's covid restrictions. However - because OSCOV is an adaptable, inventive and resilient organisation , we have organised a Virtual Show.

The Virtual Spectacular was judged by the OSCOV Judging Panel on 25 and 26 September 2021, led by OSCOV's Registrar of Judges, Glenda Coutts, and the Panel Secretary, Alan Baker.

There were 853 photos of orchid plants submitted from 48 exhibitors.

This website includes pictures of all of the Champions. The links to each of the 124 classes in the Show - showing each entry in each class, the 1st & 2nd prize winners in each class, and the other entries, will be available soon.

Displays are still to be judged, results will be published as soon as possible.

Please enjoy the wonderful orchids that OSCOV has to present to you!

Let's all hope that 2022 lets us all return to relative normality in the orchid world - including in-person Shows again being staged.

These were the Rules for the Virtual Show.

The Champions

Grand Champion Orchid of the Show

Paph. Irish Tiger 'Diego' (Michael J. Coker)

Reserve Champion Orchid of the Show

Masd. Stripe King 'Beenak' (Marita Anderson)

Gerald McCraith Memorial Champion Species Orchid of Show

Den. speciosum ‘Nifty’ (Chris Pegg)

Champion Cymbidium – Large Flower – Hybrid

Cym. Kimberley Valley 'Malibu' (Robin Bavinton)

Champion Cymbidium – Medium Flower – Hybrid

Cym. Khanebono 'Jacinta' (Paul Latina)

Champion Cymbidium – Small Flower – Hybrid

Cym. Last Tango x Ruby Eyes (Jim & Pat Murdoch)

Champion Laeliinae Large Flower – Hybrid

Rlc. Sylvia Fry 'Wallacia' (Di Lester & Murray Harding)

Champion Laeliinae – Medium Flower – Hybrid

C. Lana Coryell 'David' (Di Lester & Murray Harding)

Champion Laeliinae – Small Flower – Hybrid

Rth. Algester Gold 'Gold Coin' (Michael J. Coker)

Champion Oncidiinae Alliance Hybrid

Onc. Memoria June Appleby ‘Beenak’ (Clive & Agi Halls)

Champion Paphiopedilum species

Paph. sukhakulii 'Spotted Leopard' (Michael J. Coker)

Champion Paphiopedilum hybrid

Paph. Irish Tiger 'Diego' (Michael J. Coker)

Champion Australian Native species

Den. speciosum ‘Nifty’ (Chris Pegg)

Champion Australian Native hybrid

Den. Brimbank Gold ‘Ethan’ (Chris Pegg)

Champion Australian Native specimen

Den. dolichophyllum 'JD Gold' (Jeanne Dunn)

Champion Masdevallia hybrid

Masd. Stripe King 'Beenak' (Marita Anderson)

Champion Other Species orchid

Ansellia africana f. alba (Michael J. Coker)

Champion Other Specimen orchid

Lyc. Abou Rits (Michael J. Coker)

Champion Miniature Growing & Flowering Specimen

Onc. croseus (Michael J. Coker)

Champion Other Hybrid

Lyc. Abou Rits (Michael J. Coker)

Champion Seedling

Paph. armeniacum x sib (Michael J. Coker)

OSCOV President's Choice Award

Thelymitra Kay Nesbitt (Di Visser)